I have a passion for transformation and believe that when we recreate our space, we can transform our lives. A great colour palette applied professionally can inspire creativity in furnishings, artwork, and an overall feeling of wellbeing.



I’m obsessed with cleanliness and order and can’t stand excessive drywall dust and debris at my work site. You shouldn’t enter your kitchen and have to wonder how many centimeters of “snow” fell in your home!



As a certified project management professional (PMP) with over 15 years of experience, I understand how to organize a project to ensure that it stays on budget, is completed on time and meets customer’s expectations. I am committed to keeping up with industry trends, which allows me to provide my clients with the latest in paint innovation and technology (eg. low VOCs and antimicrobial paint).



Whether I’m painting your man cave, your lioness den or just a bathroom, I believe that the process should be enjoyable from our Vision Consultation™ to the moment you kick back with your LCBO haul.



Above the Baseboard believes that when you recreate your space, you transform your life. A professionally paint job will bring a room to life, helping you get a new start, or simply invoking a feeling of calm and well being. Whether it’s the holiday makeover, a spring spruce up, or welcoming a new arrival, paint is the backdrop to the moments that define you and your loved ones.

Let Above the Baseboard go above and beyond to bring the palette of your dreams to the spaces of your life. Let’s Paint!


I belong to a network of professional painters who are on a mission to share the passion of the profession, to standardize expectations and to ensure a positive experience to homeowners.


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